I am a creature of habit. I like my own routine—in fact, I crave it. Vlad continuously gets onto me about how I need to let go a bit, or at least be open to trying something new. Luckily, he always helps me break out of my patterns, and usually I thank him, because it feels good to try something new and succeed. It is the same for me when it concerns shopping: I like going to my typical websites, I like knowing what to expect in my experience, and I like an easy overall transaction. but running this site forces me to look at new avenues and venues, which fortunately implies I discover terrific sites like StockX.

We brought you an introduction to the site earlier this summer, and funnily enough, Amanda had used StockX before they ever reached out. On top of that, I had been searching for a pair of sneakers for me and Millie (I know, I’m so extra), as well as sold out, hard-to-find Louis Vuitton x supreme items, and I was result in StockX as well. The site is very different from what I am used to using, and like I said, I like knowing exactly what to expect. but when their team reached out and we spent time talking, I learned much much more about the purchasing process and began to appreciate its nuances. I also learned that everything that is sold on StockX is guaranteed authentic and also to be in, at a minimum, outstanding condition.

Setting Itself aside from The Competition

StockX is entirely different from other auction and resale sites you’ve seen or used. There are some common misconceptions (I had them myself), but once I became comfortable with the site, I learned how it works and I find it to be another terrific venue to look for the bag of your dreams.

One of the amazing things about StockX is that though you may see a certain asking price for a bag, you can bid under that price and the seller may accept your bid, and that bag is yours. just because a price is being asked by a seller, does not imply that’s what the bag will be sold for. accepting a bid for a noted bag is entirely up to the seller, and you have a real chance to get a deal. The one aspect I think offers the most insight for consumers and that hasn’t received enough attention is that you can check sales history on that particular bag you’re taking a look at over time. This gives you the number of sales on StockX of that particular bag, its price premium, and average sale price. This gives you a picture of where a reasonable bid on a particular bag might be, and this type of transparency on sale information in one place is uncommon among auction sites. If you look around on StockX, you’ll see there are deals to be had.

And if the bag you’re searching for isn’t available on the site best now, don’t worry. even if a particular bag doesn’t have any active sellers at the moment, you can still place a bid for it. Doing so lets sellers know there are interested shoppers, which may help coax unlisted pieces out of people’s closets. It’s an added bit of flexibility that only StockX offers, and it’s good for buyers and sellers alike.

We made a quick video to discuss some of the aspects of the site’s system that are different when it concerns StockX (I learn by seeing, so we thought it could help others, too). Overall, what you can expect from StockX is an outstanding condition bag that has been expertly authenticated. The company firmly stands behind these two things, so if you feel either does not match your expectations, StockX provides buyers a money back guarantee. The structural improvements that the site brings to the pre-owned bag market are a significant boon for both buyers and sellers, and they point toward a future that will offer a better shopping experience for all involved.

If you see something on the site you like (and there’s a lot to like, believe us), you’re in luck—we’ve teamed up with StockX to offer PurseBlog readers 15% off their first purchase with code PURSEBLOG15.

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